About Us

The Kindness Cookies Story

GOLD started The Kindness Cookie Project to sustain the training and economic empowerment of our youth with learning disabilities, allowing the members of the public to reach out with kindnesses to those with special needs and providing them with a platform to support such individuals.

The youth feel empowered through the expressions of their customers who show joy in the delicious cookies that they purchase and through the support that is earned from their own hard work. There is always a learning curve and teaching these youth members how to bake requires a longer learning process in order for them to achieve a quality tasting cookie.

As a result, we incur additional cost through their training. We ask for your support in helping us maintain our training and quality process as we only source from the highest quality ingredients and ensure the cookies are at par with our standard.

Not only will you contribution enable them to practice and perfect their cooking skills, it also allows for us to keep delivering cookies with kindness and quality in every bite.