About G.O.L.D.


In order to be sustainable, GOLD needs to have the opportunities in performing services for business on a contractual basis at a reasonable market rate.  Examples of jobs that can be performed in supported employment environment are: sorting, collating, labeling, folding, mailing, sub-assemblies, hand packaging etc.   As we have seen in many disability enterprises in  developed countries, their sustainability are the net result of special partnership relation which usually take the form of “social tendering” with dominant local corporate entity/entities and continuous financial support from philanthropic organisations. 

Social tender is about developing alliances between volunteering corporate entities and the social/disability community enterprise,  such that they are  able to engage in mutually beneficial activities.

We therefore appeal and pray that similar special alliances can be materialized here with our local entity/entities and that they will placed such arrangement under their CSR programs. We welcome any initiative by any party towards the realization of this special alliances.