Kindness In
Every Crunch

Economic empowerment
for the learning disabled

We teach the learning disabled students valuable working skills. Kindness Cookies is a Bakery & Café which serves as a simulated set-up to uplift and empower the learning disabled students with basic and commercial cooking skills. It serves as the place where selected students can learn to bake, fulfil customers’ orders and gain skills in using baking utensils and other kitchen equipment. We let them manage and maintain a bakery and cafe and provide a medium for these individuals to channel and improve their tangible skills through a stimulating working enviroment.

Cookie Subscription

By subscribing to our Kindness Cookies plan, you help ensure the support and sustenance of the training and economic empowerment of our youth with learning disabilities.

Our Cookies

Our homemade cookies give a feel of nostalgic childhood tastes while also allow you to contribute towards the empowerment of learning disabled students.

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